Green Wave 2012 Indonesia

Zalfaa (Left) presenting their Action Plan in Tokyo
Zalfaa (Left) presenting their Action Plan in Tokyo

『Action Plan Kicked Off』


Jabal and Zalfaa visited Japan to participate in the CFP Goodwill Ambassadors Program held in Tokyo. In the 10-day program, they created an action plan for their school's CFP activities. In their plan, the very first action was to organize Green wave in their school.


Soon after they returned home, they started to organize the Green Wave. On May 22 which was the International Day for Biological Diversity, they planted three different kinds of native trees in their school yard with their friends.They did kick off their action plan they made in Japan.


The photos sent by the coodinator to the OISCA Headquater surprised us because expressions of Jabal and Zalfaa as they smiled to the camera with their friends after the Green Wave seemed to exude confidence, which we did not see during their stay for the CFP Goodwill Ambassador program. They were the youngest participants to the program. In the course of the 10-day program with the other elder participants from other countries, Jabal and Zalfaa seemed to absorb a broad-ranging knowledge and gain confindence in proceeding with CPF activities. We hope them to keep working as active CFP leaders of their school.

Jabal (left) taking the lead in planting trees
Jabal (left) taking the lead in planting trees

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