【Papua New Guinea】 New Roots at Vunalovo School

Vunalovo Primary School is located in the Gazelle District of East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. In the language of Kuanua, “vuna” means place and “lovo” means the tree roots, therefore “Vunalovo” means the place where the roots are found. The Vunalovo Primary School is surrounded by coconut trees and cocoa trees so in 2011, Vunalovo Primary School joined OISCA’s Children’s Forest Program to teach the children of the importance of the other various trees in their environment. 250 students and 50 adults, including OISCA trainees, engaged in planting tree saplings as a way to develop their environmental understanding. The Children’s Forest Program intends to support and improve the environmental education in the Vunalovo classrooms.


Vunalovo Primary School

CFP school since 2004

250 students

Rabaul Town, East New Britain Province

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