GEOC Exhibition

We held the exhibition “Love Furusato” at GEOC (Global Environment Outreach Centre) in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan from July 3rd to 20th.


We introduced many activities to create ‘Furusato’ around the world such as CFP program, the Coastal Forest Restoration Project in Miyagi prefecture by using panels, reporting events, and playing with popular wooden blocks.


The photo panels, made by cooperation of NIKON corporation, showed activities of children engaging in tree plantings and the environmental issues that CFP addresses, such as deforestation, climate change, coastal erosion and desertification. 


Moreover, we displayed pictures of the ‘Ideal Furusato’ painted by children, folk crafts, recycled handiworks, accessories designed with natural vegetable dyes, and handmade greeting cards sent by children, all of which caught the attention of many curious visitors.


In addition to the CFP program, we showed a video presentation given by CFP children at Rio+20 which featured the ‘Origami Green Wave.’ The Coastal Forest Restoration Project in Miyagi Prefecture and domestic tree planting activities were also featured in the photo exhibit.


As for other events, on the 1st and 3rd Saturday, we held playful events of wooden blocks and wooden toys, made of domestic timber from forest thinning, for small children and their families.


As  a special exhibit, on July 20th, a rarely skilled sawyer, of Mokumoku Sanwa corporation, demonstrated Kobiki outside of the exhibit doors (traditional Japanese craft to cut a big tree into some board by hand). Many people were attracted and came over to see it, feel it and smell the wonderful aroma. They were very  interested in the Kobiki demonstration and the process of domestic timber.

CFP Photo Gallery

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