What Animal Best Represents Your Country?

The Thai students were given a lecture on how to create characters from the promoting team of "The Animal Conference on the Environment". Since then, they had been playing with their imagination.


On July 18th, finally they got started to make out their own characters on drawing paper.


They focused on drawing to convert their imagination into tangible characters on the paper.

The important thing when creating these characters is not only drawing and painting the characters but also thinking of the characters’ name, age, job, favorite food, hobbies, dream, and so on to make them have more life!


At last, they all finalized the creation of their own characters that have the motif of familiar animals in Thailand such as a pig, an elephant, and buffalos.

Unique and Cute Characters!

created by ジャッグ (age: 11)

pig スエップ

age: 18 work: cook

favorite food: rice bran

He is wearing a cap painted Thai flag!

created by モス (age: 12)

Elephant ボム

age: 20 work: farmer

hobby: Sleeping in a tree house

dream: making a lot of forests

He is wearing Thai pants!

created by プリアオ (age: 12)

buffalo ダム

age:35 work: management of national forests

favorite food: bread

hobby: TV watching

His clothes are colored blue and red!

created by イン (age: 12)

buffalo ナムチャー(woman)         buffalo クリス(man)

age: 25 work: planting          age: 25 work: planting

favorite food: tom yam kung        favorite food: pad thai

hobby: playing in the forest         dream: soccer player


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