2015 India Report_South Bhavan's Hill



Current situation

New villas are constructed by cutting trees and clearing the land, a cyber park was constructed


What motivated the school to start CFP?

Planting trees in the school compound, awareness classes about planting 


How is this school like?

Beautiful hill area saturated with plenty of natural flora


What was the CFP activity at this school which students most became enthusiastic?

Rally for Swach Bharat, Road safety, tree plantation


What specific outcomes

Awareness programs conducted in the campus and city like Slogan writing on ‘Save our planet’, poster making ion the theme ‘Save energy, protect our environment’, Essay writing on ;Role of wildlife sanctuaries in conserving wildlife’, debate on ‘Organic farming’, a talk on ‘sr. Somasekharan from mathrubhumi on the topic environment issues.


The comments from a student for these activities


The comments from this school teachers or community people


What are the next activity plan? 

Painting competitions, Poster making ,essay writing,Quiz,Play Skit onissues relating to environment.


<School address> BHAVAN’S HILL, CHEVAYUR P.O, KOZHIKODE, 673017
<Students number> 60

<Year and month CFP Started>2000


CFP Children in this school

<Name>Amba Gouri Nambiar


<Grade/Year> 7th class  <Age> 12

<Most favorite CFP activity>

Visiting Botanical Garden , Planting trees 

<Activity plan >

Wants to see green around

<Dream for the future>

To be environment friendly human being

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