2017. June CFP Papua New Guinea 2

Planted different species and learnt their use
Planted different species and learnt their use


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   This school participated in CFP in 2016 with the hope of protecting children from natural disasters by planting trees around the school. The sense of crisis for an increasing number of disasters in recent years fueled to join the activity.


   In the first activity, they planted hardwood species to be used as timber and fruit bearing trees. By growing fruit bearing species, they can sell fruits to earn income for school. 

Enthusiastic children with seedlings before planting
Enthusiastic children with seedlings before planting

OISCA staff and trainees are, aside from tree planting, devising ways to inform the children on the importance of environmental conservation by presenting dramas on the environment. The school teachers are also appreciative of the CFP program through which they can learn the significance and method of environmental conservation. Moreover, the local community people have a good understanding of the program and are very cooperative. In the future, the school plans to teach skills and knowledge in environment-friendly organic agriculture so as to be able to produce healthy vegetables.


Ramalmal Primary School

  • Starting Year of CFP:    2016      
  • Number of Students:    420
  • Location:                       P.O. Box 922, Kopoto, East New Britain, PNG

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