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Children carefully plant the seedlings.
Children carefully plant the seedlings.


Let’s grow up with seedlings


The Tugunan Elementary school is a small school, and has 79 students. The school location is very much struggling especially in transportation because of unpaved roadway, so OISCA’s coordinators need to walk 3hours to reach this school. The school decided to start OISCA’s Children’s Forest Program (CFP) activities, because teachers hope to make the opportunities for children to think about the environmental preservation.


The Tugunan Elementary school participated in Green Wave activity.
The Tugunan Elementary school participated in Green Wave activity.

In 2017, students planted 200 seeds of Molave

around the school building. Molave is sturdy wood, so it is used constructions

and furniture. Recently, the number of Molave is decreasing in the Philippines,

because people cut down the trees. That day of CFP acitivity, not only students

but also parents and teachers participated to the tree planting activities. One of the teacher said “I was

impressed by students enjoyed planting seedlings. We keep tree maintenance and

think importance of environmental safeguards ”.

Nadroumai Primary School

Starting Year of CFP: 2016

・Number of Students: 79

・Location:Tugunan, Katipunan,Nabunturan, Comval Province

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