OISCA Response to Coronavirus Infection (Myanmar update)

We report on the developments of support activities in Myanmar.

 At DOA-OISCA Agro-Forestry Training Center in Yesagyo Township Magway Region, they kept on carrying out food assistance to the needy local residents from April. From May 30 to June 5, they distributed vegetables such as potato, cabbage and tomato, and rice to 910 households in 12 villages. Besides, they continually provided home-made masks and appealed for infection prevention.

 In Myanmar, in addition to the training center in Yesagyo Township, DOA-OISCA Agriculture and Leadership Training Center was opened in 2017 in Pyawbwe Township, Mandalay Region in the same central dry area.

During April when Coronavirus spread, the minimum number of staff remained and operated the center, but in May, the local staff returned and continued carrying out activities. For two days at the end of May, they provided food supplies of 8 kilo of rice, l litter of cooking oil, salt, beans and eggs to 150 households of 8 villages in the neighborhood of the Agriculture and Leadership Training Center. The food assistance was provided to particularly needy households of the villages, and there were many who lost income due to the spread of Coronavirus. In the food distribution, they got cooperation from DOA and village chiefs, and the villagers who received the food assistance, expressed words of appreciation. 

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