【China】Recall the "Furusato"(homeland) 60 years ago

Lectre from Buddhist monks
Lectre from Buddhist monks

The children listened attentively to the talks of the Buddhist monks (Lama) who said: “About 60 years ago, green trees were abundant here. But there were a lot of grasses with thorns, and so, we could not go inside the forests”

The children who learned that the desert land nowadays had once been rich in green glasses, were strongly encouraged with hope of being able to restore green in this land.


The left side photo depicts a scene from the “fire festival” of the Mongolian tribe. On this day, the children went to the desert with the monks, learned how to use fire, listened old tales and talks about environment by the OISCA staff.


They spent a memorable day. With the recent economic growth of China, there has been an increasing awareness for environmental protection in the Inner Mongolian region, too. It is a big change that there are now requests from school teachers for environment education programs. OISCA intends to strive for responding to these requests.


(Alaxa Saki Mongolian Tribe No. 1 Experimental Elementary School)

Program starting year: 2008 Number of students: 400

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