Let's Plant Together!

Many communities around the world depend on the Children's Forest Program to provide enjoyable and good quality education to their young, growing minds. We need your help to sustain our activities for the children!


A humble donation of $50 or ¥5,000 will help CFP show one of the thousand CFP schools that we care about their education and their enviornment.


Supporters will be greatly appreciated with CFP global reports and greetings from CFP children.

Major Donors Include:

  • Local governments
  • Corporate labor unions
  • Federations of labor unions
  • Overseas personnels
  • Japanese individuals
  • OISCA International chapters & branches

Donations include:

  • Volunteering in various countries
  • Sustaining CFP activities in schools
  • Providing supplies and saplings for children
  • Promoting CFP & Green Wave activities
  • Spreading CFP education globally
  • Sharing appreciation for nature's blessings

CFP Donation Jars
CFP Donation Jars
CFP Donation box and business cards at OISCA Headquarters
CFP Donation box and business cards at OISCA Headquarters

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