【Fiji】Let’s protect our school from floods

Mangrove planting
Mangrove planting

Nakorotubu School is located on the beach of Ra district in the northeastern part of Viti Levu Island.Some 120 children are learning under 5 teachers.

OISCA is taking part in the mangrove planting activities carried out in this district. In this area, after the mangrove trees were cut down, fish number has been decreased, and there has been damage of coastal erosion.


In 2010, the children and their parents planted about 5,000 mangrove trees along the coast. Moreover, due to the influence of rise in sea level by the climate change and felling of the upstream forests, the near-by river has floods when there are big rainfalls. The school is also affected by the floods. In order to learn about these problems, the school is conducting work shops involving the community residents.

Also, in the recent years, there has been increasing awareness towards garbage problem and recycling in Fuji, and so, the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) outreach activities are being carried out.


(Nakorotubu District School)

Program starting year: 1996 Number of student: 120

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