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Children learn how to plant seedlings
Children learn how to plant seedlings

Bingkor Junior High School is located in the central part of the Keningau district of the Sabah inland area.The school is participating in the Children’s Forest Program (CFP) since April 2010.


On April 22, the Earth Day, SMK Bingkor, jointly with OISCA, carried out tree planting activities. The school has originally promoted environment conservation activities, and has Nature lovers’ club as one of the extracurricular activities.

Regarding this tree planting activity, the members of the Nature lovers’ club took the lead in making preparations, and school teachers, children and the CFP coordinator took part.

The children are responsible for watering the planted seedlings every day, and are looking forward to seeing the subsequent growth.


Before the construction of the school, there was a forest with rich ecosystem in this place. For this reason, the school would like to continue afforestation activities in cooperation with the local residents so as to restore the environment a little close to its original state.


(SMK Bingkor)

Program starting year: 2010 Number of students: 1,255

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