【India】Challenge under the harsh conditions

Girls planting trees
Girls planting trees

Nangli is a poor village where nearly 60% of about 5,000 residents are engaged in agriculture and the rest going out to work in the near-by cities. The majority of the people there don’t finish compulsory education, and this trend is remarkable particularly among the women.


 After having observed the situation in the village, Mr. Habinda Singh launched a slogan: “give education to this village”, and started the school with 5 students in 2005. It was a big challenge also for the OISCA staff to carry out the Children’s Forest Program in such a place. At first, the school started with tree planting. But there was not enough space in the school, and so, consulted with the village, and it was agreed to plant trees in the park adjacent to the school.


The school intends to plant about 100 trees each every year. As for other activities, the school staged theater plays with the theme of environmental problem in the village plaza. Although the plays were staged without any notice, many village people came over to watch the performance. The children are feeling highly rewarded because even if many villagers are illiterate, they can still learn something about environmental problems.


(Model National School, Nangli Village)

Program starting year: 2009 Number of students: 460

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