【Papua New Guinea】Restoring the natural environment wherein Hornbills can fly around

Planted 100 trees in November, 2010
Planted 100 trees in November, 2010

Rieit Elementary School is located at the foot of Mt. Sinivit (2,438m), the highest mountain in East Britain Province. This region were covered with dense forested before. But in the 1970s, the land in the area was sold to the people who came from the towns or the main island, and most of the land was converted to cacao plantations. And now, many villagers lament the disappearance of the forest. Today, it is impossible to observe big birds called Hornbills, once normally seen. The storong wish for the birds return motivated teachers and children to join OISCA’s CFP.


“What we can do to bring back the birds ?”

“They would return if we plant trees and create a forest.”

“Is that true ?”

“Yes, it’s true.”


This conversation carried out between the children and the CFP coordinators whenever they plant trees.


Nowadays, The new gold mine has been developed gold in the areas close to the school, and the deforestation has been continued. We promote Children’s Forest Program to involve more children and local residents and protect the forest with them.


(Rieit Elementary school)

Program starting year: 2010 Number of student: 100

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