【Philippines】We beat water shortage !

Water from CFP forests
Water from CFP forests

From 2009 through 2010, Mindanao Island suffered a severe water shortage due to the continued drought. The island depends on hydro electric power, but due to the low lake water level the power stations could not generate sufficient electric power. Power failure during 8-hours a day continued for several months. It is said that the drought which seriously affected the life of the local residents and agricultural production is due to the abnormal weather caused by the El Nino effect.


In spite of this serious situation, thanks to the school forest  the well water did not dry up around the school taking part in the Children’s Forest Program since 1994. Every mornig, the children sweep fallen leaves and clean the well first when they come school. During the break time, many children gather around the well and drink water.


Through the water shortage, the children learned firsthand the relations between water and trees and also the importance of reforestation. Although it was challenging time, it might be a good opportunity to learn about the natural mechanism.


(Jose Hanoy Elementary School)

Program starting year: 1994 Number of student: 110



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