【Sri Lanka】All Brothers

Net house made by children
Net house made by children

“We need to build a net house for making a nursery!”

The students at Gonadika Elementary and Junior High School thought of the idea.


However, no budget is found. Then the children suggested picking and selling bananas which they planted two years ago to raise the needed budget. They sold bananas for 8 months at the plaza near the school and they afford to buy nets. For making net house they needed steel pipes, but supplemented with plastic pipes and finally managed to complete a small net house. Now, seedlings named Ericanut grow in the net house.


In this school, children from the two opposing races,Tamils and Sinhalese, are learning. It is said that there is less discrimination than before. The school principal said that by working for a greater common goal through the Children’s Forest Program, the children might have changed. On the wall of the school, a picture with the theme of “All brothers” is painted, and is watching the children.


(Gonadika Sinhala & Tamil School)

Program starting year: 2008 Number of student: 295

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