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Trees giving shade to the classrooms
Trees giving shade to the classrooms

Bagbari Madrasa is a school comprising approximately 600 students both primary and secondary school combined. In this school, students know each other very well and everyone is like a family to all.


SInce they started to join the Children’s Forest Program, the students took care of planted tree seriously. Due to their efforts, the school has included environment-related topics in extra-curricular activities. Now the trees provide the school and the children cool wind and a shade from direct sunlight.


From this year, the school has started agriculture and environmental education. But since the school has no enough facility for the children’s practical and hands on exercise on basic agriculture, OISCA Bangladesh and Bagbari Madrasa primary and high school agreed that practical sessions be conducted at OISCA’s training center.


Hopefully, this interaction will mark a new beginning of "give and take" between the children and agriculture, as well as between the school and the Children’s Forest Program.


Bagbari Madra, Kashimur, Gazipur

Program starting year: 1994 Number of students: 600

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