【Indonesia】From seeds to trees, let’s make seedlings

After 3months, seedlings grew big
After 3months, seedlings grew big

“What is the nursery?”

“How do we take care of seedlings?”

 The children asked during the activities of the Children’s Forest Program.


 It was at the time that primary school pupils and junior high school students learned planting and subsequent management in September 2009. On that day, the children sowed about 1,000 Albasiah and about 500 acacia seeds.


Previously, OISCA provided seedlings for tree plantings. It was the first experience for the children to grow trees from seeds. For about next 3 months, the children watered and took care of them until the seedlings have 5-6 leaves. After 3 months, the seedlings grew enough to be transplanted. The children were very delighted at the growth and carefully planted around the school.


The children brought the remaining seedlings to their home and their parents planted them in the garden or nearby vacant land.


The children made a promise to keep taking care of these plants.


Daarul Abroor Islamic Schools, Sumatra Selatan

Program starting year: 2009 Number of students: 224

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