【Sri Lanka】 Celebrating OISCA 50th and CFP 20th Anniversaries

OISCA LANKA held the 50th Anniversary Celebration of OISCA and the 20th Anniversary of CFP (Children's Forest Program) in Kandy City on 24th September, 2011. The Ceremony begun with the Environment Educational Parade, and 700 participants, including 460 school children, marched from the Central Market Kandy to the Hindu Cultural Center where the 50th Anniversary Ceremony was held. During the parade, participants held up colorful banners and placards calling for environmental protections and some marching bands were also featured.

After the 2 km of Environment Educational parade, the 50th Anniversary Ceremony started with the Welcome speech from Mr. R.M.P.B. Rajapaksha, who is a board member behalf of OISCA Lanka. During the ceremony which was full of cerebrating speeches, traditional dance and music, a CFP School student made a speech on advantage of CFP and what they gain from the program, and certificates were given to the winners of the competition on essay writing, drawing and making poem. The ceremony closed with the thank-you speech made by Mr. Shirantha Indrajith, District Coordinator.

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