【Bangladesh】Dreaming of Harvesting Yummy Mangos

Bagbari Madrasa School is a school that provides primary, secondary and college levels of educations, and there are many children come to this school everyday.

In the premise of the school, there is a voluntary-built and aided orphanage. Children in this orphanage, of course, attend Bagbari Madrasa School. The Children's Forest Program's activities of this school in 2011 were mainly done around this orphanage. The seedlings children picked to plant around the orphanage building were mango trees. This is because that the orphanage is managed relying on voluntary contribution and does not have enough funding and they thought they would be able to earn some money by selling mangoes someday while they can green their school premise.

It will be a long way to harvest mangoes. Children, however, are sure to look after the trees they planted in expectation of harvesting yummy mangoes in the future.

Bagbari Madrasa

●Starting year:1994 ●No. of children:630 ●Location:Bagbari, Kashimpur, Gazipur

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