【India】Tree-Planting in the Concrete Jungle

Tree planting with OISCA members
Tree planting with OISCA members

SLB Government Higher Secondary School is situated in the heart of the town, which has a high population density of 1106 per sq.km, where green coverage is very low. Due to population pressure in the town, concrete jungles have mushroomed in the town and the outskirts. Unlike other schools, SLB School is blessed with a vast campus area, with space to plant trees and maintain them. To augment the green coverage, the CFP of the school planted saplings. Students are happy to plant the trees and to maintain them.

The students point out that the trees planted by them, would grow into large trees in future, and they would give shelter to many birds, various living organisms and contribute to reduce global warming and climate change. It may be pointed out here that the school campus is a house of many birds, insects, butterflies and reptiles, due to the prevalence of many trees. Students have planned to plant more trees in the next year also.

Students planting tree saplings
Students planting tree saplings

SLB Government Higher Secondary School

●Start Year:2004 ●No. of Student:30 ●Location:Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

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