Green Wave 2012 report from Cambodia

Tropearng Reusey Primary School in Cambodia joined the Green Wave this year. Before the Green Wave day, the environmental workshop was held and children studied about many environmental issues such as importance of recycling, global warming, and technique of tree planting.

In the morning of 22nd May, 439 children gathered to participate in the Green Wave action. The total of 400 tree seedlings was planted this time (245 Neang Noun seedlings, 60 Beng seedlings, 2 Kror Nhung seedlings, 50 Kohkos seedlings, 43 Sokrom seedlings). The seedlings planted this time were forestry trees that children rarely see in their community, so OISCA staff explained the name of each tree and the reason to plant them.

Their Green Wave action has been registered to the Green Wave Website. Their action became a part of the “Green Wave”!


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