【Indonesia】To Protect Our Islands

Indonesia is a country which has the second longest coastline in the world. There are many people living in the places facing to the ocean. There used to be mangrove forests stretching along the coastline, which could hold marine living things and protect the land from erosion. However, mangroves were cut to build large farms or to used as firewood. As the results, the dimension of the mangrove forest decreased, which effect on local people's life.

Since the late 1990s, OISCA started the mangrove planting project with the local people. In Madura, the mangrove project started from 2009.

Representatives of 8 CFP schools visited the project site in December, 2011. After they receive explanations on the role and the importance of the mangrove forests, they walked through the mud to the project site and planted mangrove seedlings for the first time.  The first experience made the children's eyes light up. They expressed that they wished to come back to the site sometime again on their way back.

We will keep working on mangrove planting so that children can learn the importance of the mangrove forests and protect them.

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