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demonstration on how to create fermented fertilizer
demonstration on how to create fermented fertilizer

The OISCA Children’s Forest Program (CFP) Quezon Chapter conducted a Seminar and Eco Camp last August 17-18, 2011 at OISCA Sariaya Pilot Project in Brgy. Sampaloc 1, Sariaya, Quezon. The CFP Seminar and Eco Camp was implemented with the cooperation of the Department of Education, the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer, and the local Barangay Officials. The activity, with the theme “Sustainable and Eco Friendly School”, was attended by a total of 60 participants from 12 schools consisting of students and school coordinators, community members and Barangay Officials.

CFP Quezon is one of the pioneers of Organic Farming in Quezon and the main lecturer, Oisca Lucban T. C Mrs. Sylvia Balag is an authority in Organic farming having gained extensive experience through OISCA CFP. Mrs. Balag and her husband, Larry are frequently invited to provide lectures not only in different parts of the Philippine but also in other parts of Asia. The provincial government also showcases the OISCA CFP Sariaya Pilot Project and Farm to visitors from South East Asia as a model of successful organic farm. The OISCA CFP Farm staffed by Volunteers Coordinator, Project Leader Garry de Veluz , Mark Racelis, Oisca Ex trainee.

The CFP Seminar and Eco Camp was a venue to inform the community and make them aware of what is happening to our environment and the world we live in today. The different issues concerning the environment and ways of saving the environment were also discussed. The Eco Camp also encouraged the shift to responsible and organic farming.

One month after the training
One month after the training

The activity stressed the benefits and sustainability of natural farming technologies. The benefits of organic farming like increase in production and income, safety of food, and improvement of land for future generations were stressed during the activity. There were lectures and hands-on demonstration in making fermented fertilizers like Fermented to visitors Juice (FPJ), Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ), Fish Amino Acids (FAA), Indigenous Micro Organism (IMO), Calcium Phosphate, and Vermi Tea. A short visit to Agri-Tourism Exposition 2011 at Perez Park in Lucena City was also arranged so that the participants will be able to see the different organic products from the different towns in Quezon Province.

All the participants expressed gratitude to CFP for the very productive two day Seminar and Eco Camp. They promised to share with their classmates, parents and their community, whatever they have learned from CFP.

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