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Reydenn Grace participating in coastal and river cleanup activity in their area
Reydenn Grace participating in coastal and river cleanup activity in their area

Reydenn Grace Tundan or Grace as she is called by her friends is a grade 6 pupil of Manaile Elementary School. She is one of several active participants of OISCA Children’s Forest Program in the school. Grace shared that she used to be indifferent of what is happening in the environment. She often heard at home and school that people should seriously take care of the environment. She was told not to litter and burn plastic and garbage. She does not take seriously the signs she sees in public places about throwing garbage.

After attending the seminar workshops organized by OISCA CFP, Grace now sport a different attitude towards the environment. She found the lectures simple and yet profound that it touched her heart as well as the other participant’s. From being someone that is oblivious about what is happening in the environment, Grace has become a true champion of the environment.

Raising seedlings for tree planting activity
Raising seedlings for tree planting activity

Through CFP she had attended seminars, coastal and river cleanup activities. She had learned from OISCA CFP that aside from learning how to take care of the environment, it is also important that the knowledge learned should also be shared to the other youths who still do not respect and protect the environment. She also learned that small actions like proper waste disposal would positively impact the environment.

Every year, Grace participates in her school’s tree planting activities. She was also happy to participate in a global activity like Green Wave. She liked the idea of participating in a synchronized planting activity that is happening not only in her school but also in different parts of the Philippines and the world.

Reydenn Grace hopes that all youth will stop destroying the environment and will all work together towards protecting it.

Manaile Elementary School

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