【Philippines】Paper Charcoal Making

Papers soaked in water are formed into balls and left to dry out in the sun
Papers soaked in water are formed into balls and left to dry out in the sun

Ramon Magsaysay Elementary School is one of OISCA CFP supported school. CFP has provided the school with training on environmental protection and proper waste disposal. The school observe segregation of school trash and applies the environmental principles of 3Rs (Re-use, reduce, recycle).

The school has encouraged the use of paper charcoals made from used paper products which they have learned from OISCA. The children also applied in their homes what they have learned from the trainings and environmental education provided by OISCA.

Paper charcoals are made by soaking waste paper overnight and forming it into fist size balls which are left to dry in the sun. Paper charcoal serves as a good alternative fuel for cooking. Encouraging the use of paper charcoal as cooking alternative is a good practice. Waste papers that would otherwise end up in landfills are given new use as cooking medium. This will alsohelp reduce dependence on forest wood for cooking. Since this is made out of used paper materials, this is inexpensive and can be done by every household anytime. It does not produce soot like ordinary charcoals.

A few pieces of these paper charcoals can be used for cooking and is very ideal to use during rainy season. The school’s scout members enjoyed using the charcoal during camping and during picnics.



●Start Year:1996 ●No. of Children:269 children  ●Address: RAMON MAGSAYSAY, ABORLAN, PALAWAN

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