【Philippines】Fulfilled Life of an OISCA CFP Coordinator

Demonstrating the fruit trees grafting
Demonstrating the fruit trees grafting

Mr. Reynaldo Bisnar, the Assistant Coordinator of CFP in Davao has been working with OISCA since 1992. For almost 21 years, he has been working and dealing with the CFP school management and school children to promote the importance of environmental conservation and protection.

Rey along with the other CFP Coordinators of the Philippines has been joining the empowerment training workshops and seminars organized by OISCA Manila. These include project management trainings, receiving lectures from the experts in field of sustainable farming and actual visits to farms and training centers that promote organic farming. CFP Coordinators like Mr. Bisnar are expected to impart the skills, knowledge and technical know how acquired from the empowerment training.

Lecturing the Vermi to the Children
Lecturing the Vermi to the Children

Rey is conducting hands on training on grafting particularly of fruit bearing trees like mangoes, vermin culture and other sustainable way of farming among the students. Through these activities, he is encouraging the students to be involved in terms of preventing the environment from further destruction.

Rey is grateful that he is part of the OISCA`s commitment of creating a better world to live in. The sense of fulfillment he is feeling after the environmental education sessions with the students knowing that he had managed to affect their lives and changed their mindset towards environmental conservation inspired him to strive more and be more committed to what he is doing.

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