【Cambodia】 HAPPY HAPPY Program

Tuol Trea chool was established in 1979 and is located in the rubber plantation area. The pupils know only the rubber plant and are not aware of any other kinds of forestry trees. In the school compound has only one tree variety so they needed some variety to plant in their school compounds.

To promote environmental conservation  CFP created a program in the school called, “HAPPY HAPPY PROGRAM.” We invited villagers in the community, and the pupils of other schools, to participate in the program. This program also gave opportunities for pupils to perform a drama - ”Usefulness of Trees.” They prepared for the program one month before.


The program started on November 6, 2011 with drama performance, Khmer traditional dance, Q&A, and replanting trees in the school compounds. The participants included 600 people.


Tuol Trea Primary School

CFP school since 2011

593 students

Tuol Trea Village, Chub Commune, Tbong Khmom District, Kampong Cham Province

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