【Philippines】Making environment-friendly Christmas Cards

In early December in which the Christmas season started, a Christmas card making contest was held at Ariendo Elementary School, and pupils from grade 1 to grade 6 participated. The children taking part in the recycling campaign through CFP activities, tackled card-making by utilizing old wrapping papers, newspapers and natural materials such as tree leaves and flowers. The cards the children wholeheartedly made all looked splendid, and the teachers had great difficulties in ranking. Rey-Marie, a grade-6 pupil who got the first prize, was very pleased. “Today, I was looking forward to this contest from early morning. I was little worried if I could make it well. I am very happy to get the first prize.”

In the recent years, the Philippine government introduced the concept of “autonomous school management” which leaves management responsibilities to schools. Each school is now promoting school management rooted in the community. The environmental education activities like recycling that OISCA is carrying out forms part of this movement. Through CFP, we are promoting various activities by devising environmental education program suitable to the community environment and working together with schools and local communities.

Ariendo Elementary School

●Start Year:2008年 ●No. of Children:187 ●Address:Barangay Ariendo, Bongabon, Nueva Ecija

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