【Pakistan】Children started nurturing forests

SICAS School located in Lahore, Punjab Province, joined Children’s Forest Program (CFP) in 2012. At this school,  an alumnus of OISCA Shikoku Training Center is working as a physical education teacher, and he promoted the participation of the school in CFP. At the school, there were opportunities to study about environmental problems and the functions of trees, but not to learn through actual experiences about how trees grow or how forests develop.

On April 25 when the first CFP activities started, 200 school children participated. The pre-school children sow the seeds of sunflower, while the lower grade children planted in the school ground seedlings of various trees that the other two also former OISCA trainees, had prepared.


Moreover, the school recruits applicants for outdoor camping which is rare in Pakistan. Camping was conducted in the northern region where trees are hardly growing, and we planted trees with the cooperation of the local government.


The place is far from the school, and so, the children can not take care of the trees. But they could learn by experience the importance of cleaning the mountains and tree-planting. It is said that the rate of forest is only 3% in Pakistan. It is expected that the children would actively work for forest development in the future.


SICAS School

CFP school since 2012

200 students

Lahore, Punjab Province


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