【Papua New Guinea】 Dramatizing Destruction

St. Leos Yawakaka Primary School is located in the town of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea which is nearly 6 kilometers from a volcano area. In 1994, the volcano erupted and cracked the top of the mountain hill which caused water to flow out and flood a nearby boy’s high school. The damage resulted in a desert-like environment, destroying classrooms and other buildings. In 2007, OISCA’s Children’s Forest Program got involved to green the area by planting trees thus creating shade for the students to relax in. 155 students and 40 adults, including OISCA trainees, adapted a new mindset for the children in which they understood resilience by re-greening an devastated area through planting saplings.


St. Leos Yawakaka Primary School

CFP school since 2007

155 students

Rabaul Town, East New Britain Province

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