【Myanmar】You May Cut Down Our Trees But We Will Never Stop Planting!

Matured trees
Matured trees

Myae Phyu Primary School joined CFP in 2009 and planted a total of 320 trees on the school grounds and the entrance of the village. Most of the trees planted in the first year at the school grounds survived and matured because of the children’s good nurturing.

They were looking forward to seeing 5 papaya trees bearing fruits. But in 2012, a very sad incident happened. All the papaya trees were mischievously cut down! Despite this incident, the children resiliently planted 4 Dragon Fruit trees. Now they are carefully watching the trees. Before there were no Dragon Fruit trees in the village so these trees became so popular that many adults come to see them. The children are making preparations for a vegetable garden in hopes to grow vegetables in the future. The villagers became interested in trees and the natural environment ever since they participated in the CFP activities together with the children.

Myae Phyu Primary School

CFP school since 2009

54 students

Located in Myae Phyu Village, Yesagyo Township, Pakokku District, Magway Region

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