【Thailand】 Interesting Activities for Students in Dorms

Planting trees with volunteers from Japan
Planting trees with volunteers from Japan

The students of Banpabongtaogaenjan School are children from hill tribe villages as well as villages on the plains. The children of the villages on the plains come to school from their home every day. But the hill tribe children have to stay at the school dormitory because their villages are far away. The school is carrying out environment conservation activities other than tree planting so that the children staying at the dormitory can effectively use their free time and also keep the school environment in good condition.

Making compost
Making compost

In the school grounds, there are many trees and fallen leaves. They are teaching the children how to make compost with fallen leaves. The children are growing vegetables with the compost they made. The harvested vegetables are used for school lunch and meals at the dormitory. Thus it is helping the school and dormitory financially as well as supplying safe and nutritious food for the children.

Through these activities, the children can learn and experience environment-friendly farming methods and how to economize by utilizing what is available around them. Another program is making floral ornaments. The children are making floral ornaments utilizing various parts of trees such as leaves, branches, flowers, fruits and seeds. This sort of play has become very popular among the children.

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