【Thailand】 Deepening Family Ties Through Agriculture

At the meeting of teachers, villagers and students, there was an opinion that the children don’t help the house work, particularly agricultural work after coming home from school. The villagers voiced concern that the children lack sufficient knowledge and experience about their family work. The teachers and villagers reached conclusion that they would implement a scheme in which the villagers teach the children on protecting nature and conserving the environment, and guide them on the traditional agricultural method.

Thus the villagers got involved more actively in the vegetable cultivation, organic rice cultivation, pig farming, compost making, tree planting and forest research activities carried out by the school. On Saturdays and Sundays, the villagers conduct training in eco-agricultural method. In this way, we are getting active cooperation from the people in the village. This year, the villagers donated a pig to the school.

They participate, not only in agriculture, but also in tree planting and forest research activities. They teach the children when and which trees bear fruits and how to make medicine from tree roots.

Now the children started eagerly helping with the house work and rice field work. Families have more time to work together and the family ties have deepened.

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