【Thailand】 Our Activities Spread to Villages too!

In the Children’s Forest Program (CFP) of Rattaprashasamakkee School, tree planting and management work, organic agriculture, pig farming, compost making and organic rice cultivation activities are carried out. Before starting the activities, we discussed with the villagers and school on a suitable site and the details of the projects, and made plans together.

Tree Planting

Their dream is to enrich the school and village forests. Water shortage during the dry season and increase in the soil temperature hinder the growth of trees. All the people involved keep on re-planting and taking care of the planting site in order to cope with the problems.

Favorite Activity

The most popular activity among the children is games, particularly nature games in which they can get in touch with nature.

Rice Cultivation

The children under grade 4 took care of small rice fields and the grade 5 and 6 children were responsible for large rice fields. The teachers and villagers taught the children and worked together.

Organic Agriculture

We invited an expert of making compost with pig droppings, and he taught the children how to make compost. The children are using the compost on the tree planting site, vegetable and rice fields. Some of the participating children said: “we are glad to see our activities spreading to the villages.”

Rattaprashasamakkee School

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Shuaplerng Sub-District, Prasat District, Surin Province

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