CFP in Miraikan!

a shot in front of Miraikan

CFP students from Thailand visited Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan.


They had a student exchange program with Japanese elementary school students. Because it was the second day the Thai students had been in Japan, they were still very shy to have conversations, especially because of the language barrier. However, the Japanese students were also shy to meet new friends but the Miraikan leader paired off the students so that they could be more comfortable interacting in pairs instead of two separate groups. This worked out very well, and all the students slowly opened up.

How did the students spend their day?

  1. They played together by using many kinds of leaves as icebreaker. Every student introduced how to play with leaves in their own ways and shared their experiences at imminent forest and nature each other.
  2. The Thai students gave a presentation about the Forest in Thailand and activities of CFP program to Japanese students.
  3. Students were lectured about the problems that face the world’s forests and the roles of forests in the future by a science communicator of Miraikan.
  4. Every student drew and introduced creative picture of ideal forest in the future. One student had interesting idea that every person will own ‘my forest’, and another one drew the situation that she will plant fruit trees to raise ‘forests filled with fruits’.
  5. They finally overcame the language barrier by using a Thai-Japanese language book, illustrations, and gestures and communicated with each other in a cozy atmosphere.
  6. After saying their goodbyes, the Thai students walked through the museum and they observed a lot of cutting-edge technologies and robots with shining eyes.

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