【Indonesia】Let's make liquid fertilizer from Banana!

Children making liquid fertilizer
Children making liquid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer making workshop was carried out by a CFP coordinator at Sukabumi Regency Model Elementary School as a practical test on environmental education.

The main ingredient of the fertilizer was banana grown in the school compound. Children from the 5th grade and the 4th grade gathered banana trunks or young banana leaves. After they gathered enough ingredients, children cut the trunks or leaves into small pieces and put them into the plastic bottles with EMB solution.

How will the balloon inflate?
How will the balloon inflate?

Baloons were used to cover the bottles so that children can learn gas reaction in liquid fertilizer. If the bacteria works well, the balloon will inflate due to the gas discharge. Childrens are observing the balloon with a curious eyes!

Once the liquid fertilizer is ready for use, children will apply them to plants planted around the school or their homes.

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