【Indonesia】"Think, Eat, Save (reduce) your footprint"

In June, 427 children from 29 school over Sukabumi Regency gathered for the eco camp held under the theme of "Think, Eat, Save (reduce) your footprint". During the 2-day camp, they participated in several activities reated to the theme and learnt many things about healthy diet.


The main activities of the camp were environmental drama and field bingo.

Environmental drama titled "Eating Patterns" was held in the evening as an opening performance prior to lighting of the bonfire by the camping committee. Children could learn many things about environmental education and could also imagine the impact of consuming unhealthy foods through the drama as well as preventive measures.

Another main activity was "Field Bingo". Every children in every groups were given bingo cards. They searched for items written in the cards. The bingo card was used as a medium to introduce different kinds of vegetables and things listed in the card were vegetables.

After the children found all the items on the cards, they moved to the next station wherein they were taught about the benefits and nutirition contents of the vegetables.

CFP coordinator explained that foods like vegetables, fruits and traditional foods must be consumed more because they have higher nuitrients than instant foods or fastfoods which tend to contain unhealthy substances such as artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings.

Now children participated the eco camp knew the importance of eating fruits, vegetables and traditional foods. They will keep the healthy diet for their own growth!

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