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Many students actively participating in tree planting at Jepara Junior High School even on holiday
Many students actively participating in tree planting at Jepara Junior High School even on holiday

60 Schools and Organizations in Indonesia participated in the Green Wave

   The Green Wave is a global campaign the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD) has been calling for to educate children and youth about biodiversity.  On the International Day for Biological Diversity (May 22), children and youth plant trees at 10:00 local time in their respective schools and communities, thereby spreading green waves worldwide.

   OISCA’s Children’s Forest Program (CFP) has been also taking part in the campaign since 2009, and the number of participating schools and countries is steadily increasing. Indonesia, which has participated for the fourth time, is particularly active, and about 2,000 school children and young people from 60 CFP schools and organizations such as youth groups and orphanages took part. In the activities, former OISCA trainees in cooperation with CFP coordinators, worked hard for spreading information by utilizing social networking service such as Facebook.

   In the tree planting conducted in Indonesia, seedlings of local species and rare species were planted to protect biological diversity and to prevent the extinction of species. At the No. 1 Parungkuda Hich School, which has been promoting CFP activities through an eco club on a regular basis and has a keen interest in global warming and environmental issues, the Green Wave has become an annual event. After a simple ceremony, the students and teachers planted seedlings of fruit trees called Tangkalak, rare species of the Sukabumi area. Planting the local species is a good opportunity for the children to get familiar with the natural environment of their community and taking care of the planted seedlings is leading to foster awareness for protecting Nature. Besides, there are an increasing number of schools and organizations which are carrying out, not only tree planting but also a variety of programs such as nature games, echo seminars and trash collection, and there are growing expectations of the future development.

   The details of the OISCA Green Waves conducted in the various countries are published on the CFP Facebook. Please do have a look at the site.


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