2014.9 CFP Ambassadors

Visit to Japan by Children’s Goodwill Ambassadors from Sri Lanka and Thailand Under the Children’s Forest Program (CFP)



Many people around the world are faced with natural disasters such as floods, droughts and yellow sand. Against this background, OISCA, a Japanese NGO for international cooperation with its headquarters in Suginamik-ku, Tokyo, has been carrying out the Children’s Forest Program (CFP) comprising tree planting and environmental education activities for children worldwide. From September 4 to 14, OISCA is inviting to Japan a group of children from Sri Lanka and Thailand who are actually planting trees and learning environmental issues in their own countries.

During their stay in Japan, the children accompanied by local OISCA staff will visit elementary schools to carry out exchange programs with Japanese children through reporting on environmental problems and making presentations of cultural programs and also learn the Japanese technology and traditional culture.  On September 10, OISCA will organize a public meeting for presentations by the visiting children at the headquarters in Tokyo.

Visitors:   Thailand  2 students from junior high school participating in CFP

                     1 staff of OISCA Thailand (serving as interpreter)

           Sri Lanka  1 pupil and a teacher from CFP elementary school and

                      1 student from junior high school

                      1 staff of OISCA Sri Lanka (serving as interpreter)


Report and Exchange Meeting in OISCA Headquarters


DATE & TIME:  Wednesday, September 10, 2014 (18:30-19:30)

VENUE:   OISCA Headquarters in Suginami-ku, Tokyo

PROGRAM:  Reports on forest development and environmental problems and presentations of music and dances by the Sri Lankan and Thai children

LANGUAGE:   Sinhalese and Thai with consecutive Japanese interpretation


Ambassadors from Sri Lanka


Ambassadors from Thailand


Ms. Emi Takada

International Cooperation Division, OISCA

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