2014.9 Myanmar

* Kan Thit Elementary School *

On September 17, CFP activities were conducted at Kan Thit Elementary School which is located about 15 minutes by car along the main road running from north to south in front of the OISCA Training Center.

This school has 300 pupils who seem to be very active and have strong competitive consciousness.

When the OISCA Training Center’s truck which carrying seedlings arrived at the school, pupils rushed to the truck and struggled to get seedlings. Once they got the seedlings, immediately started to plant. So, the Center staff had to hastily stop it. The reason why the pupils strongly competed to receive the seedlings was that they wanted get as large sized-ones as possible.
The pupils planted at a vacant lot of the school ground 60 seedlings of such species as Neem, Tamarind and Siris. Each one of the pupils is supposed to take care and raise the seedlings.

* Taung U Elementary School *

On September 18, CFP activities were carried out at Taung U Elementary School, located at the western edge of the Yesagyo where the OISCA Training Center is situated. The pupils cheerfully planted 50 seedlings.

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