【Fiji】 CFP song!

On February 5, CFP activity was conducted at Raunitogo Primary School which is located in Sigatoka, Nadroga-navosa, Fiji.

Students were divided into two groups and one attended tree planting activity. 33 seedlings including coconut, mahogany, lemon and so on were planted.

And another group sang a CFP song.

It is a theme song for CFP entitled  “Mori no Ibuki”  which was composed by Ms. Kazuyo Kuriya, a Japanese flutist.

The song lyrics and dance which Indonesian and Myanmar children who visited Japan as Children’s Forest Program (CFP) Goodwill Ambassadors in 2014 made were introduced to the Fijian children.

The Japanese lyrics of "Mori no Ibuki" was changed to English lyrics which is the version of Fiji by the CFP coordinators of Fiji.


The movie can be seen from here http://youtu.be/DkeIhjp3nmk

At first, children were shy to sing and dance, however, they got used to the song little by little. The school teachers were also involved in the song and promised to practice singing and dancing more and more with the children.

Lyrics of "Mori no Ibuki" will be made into other countries version and shared to the world children to encourage them thinking about the forest and natural environment.

Lyrics of "Mori no Ibuki" (Fiji version)

Little growing new lives, tree seedlings, are carried by our palm to ground the earth
They are the precious lives for us, and become a member of a forest family
They have grown taller than I am, by breathing sunshine and water
They the precious lives that protect us, from strong wind and rain


Let us protect, our forest
Let us grow, our forest
Let us protect our forest
For the future of Fiji


A wind blew and say something to me, Mother Earths voice can be heard from it
Let us adopt and love green, by our every little effort within
Hope this forest leaves 10 to 100 years, survive forever and ever
Little lives begin their life and survive, will last forever.


Let us protect, our forest
Let us grow, our forest
Let us protect our forest
For the children of Fiji.


Our tiny, Our tiny steps, to plant and manage a tree, will make a huge forest, a home for living thing.

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