2014 India report! 【North India】

OISCA North India has implemented CFP in 1000 schools in 5 states of North India covering rural and urban schools and Government and Non Government schools. For the plantation drives, saplings were distributed to students to encourage them to plant in their homes and communities and about 50,000 saplings have been planted.


Also, environmental awareness programs like painting, debate, paper reading competition etc, were organized in schools. These programs act as platform for students to share their views and also to learn from each other. Around 20 awareness programs have been organized and 3000 students have participated.

As a part of the environment awareness programs, school students were also taken for nature tours to Botanical Gardens and Wild Life Sanctuary. The tours were tailor made to meet the need of the urban and rural background of the students separately. Around 100 nature tours were organized and 20,000 students have participated.

In addition, 3 R's (reuse, reduce and recycle) was practiced through the Eco project "Best out of Waste". Children used the waste materials to make artistic handicraft items and every year, OISCA organizes an exhibition during the festival time.

Moreover, 5,000 commercial boards nailed on trees were removed by students because those boards could effect the live of the trees and also harm them.

Through these projects, OISCA has prepared 15 CFP model schools. The students who are not from the model schools can visit the model schools and the model schools teachers guide them. For capacity building and involving teachers, around 150 programs have been formed and 400 teachers have joined. Manual/ Action Hand Book were prepared for teachers and CFP model schools by OISCA North India.

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