2015 Green Wave Report

Tree planting in Thailand
Tree planting in Thailand

This year also, we connected “green waves” in various places !


In 2015, the pupils and students of the schools participating in OISCA’s Children’s Forest Program (CFP) joined the Green Wave campaign. At 10:00 o’clock on the morning of May 22, they took part in tree planting in the various parts of the world to create “green waves” on the planet. At Banchoktai School in Thailand, 4 organizations including the school gathered and a total of over 50 children carried out tree planting and learnt about the global environment, living creatures and the importance of protecting Nature with their own force.

Activities at Banchoktai School, Thailand
Activities at Banchoktai School, Thailand

Learning sessions were also held in other countries. We have received children’s voices of joy: “as we planted trees near the benches used when we study outside, if the trees grow big, they will create large shades and we will be able to spend more comfortably”, or “we have been able to carry out tree planting activities together with the adults around and to protect the living creatures in the community”. In some areas, as certain tree species are believed that the spirit of women dwells and are treasured without being cut down, school children planted such tree species at school and also other species closely connected with the culture of the community. OISCA will continue to support the activities so that the trees planted by the children will be carefully protected in the respective communities and the biodiversity will be firmly sustained.

Green Wave Activities in the other countiries

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