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Sitting with the vice mayor of Bogor City (far left)
Sitting with the vice mayor of Bogor City (far left)


Indonesian CFP Children Goodwill Ambassador, actively promoting environmental conservation activities back home


 Ms. Utami Fauziah, a 12-years old elementary school pupil from Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia, who was one of the participants in the 2015 OISCA Program for CFP Children Goodwill Ambassadors in Japan, has been playing an active role in various events related to the environmental conservation in the home country.At a report meeting held at her school after returning from Japan, she told her classmates and teachers about the experience and learning acquired through the program in Japan. As the most impressive points, she enumerated that since separate collection of garbage and recycling have been widely practiced in Japan, cities and towns are clean and beautiful without trash on the streets and that for developing forests, it is very important not only to plant trees,  but also to make a cycle to cut down trees and effectively use them.

As practical recycling activities, together with her schoolmates, she has been tackling craft making by utilizing scrap wood, and some of their works are now displayed at school.

Utami answers questions from the moderator
Utami answers questions from the moderator

Moreover, on January 17, 2016, she was invited as one of the resource persons to a talk show of the special event: “Peduli Yatim Dhuafa Fair 2016” (Caring for Poor Children & Orphans Fair 2016) which was held at Bogor City Hall by Bogor Polytechnic Academy for Chemical Analysts for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging parents and children to love environment and learning how to cope with environmental damage. In front of a large audience including representative of the Bogor education community, students of the Polytechnic Academy, teachers and pupils of elementary schools, orphans and underprivileged children in Bogor City, she made a presentation on her observations and experience in Japan and also touched on her future plans. She told the audience that she wants to aggressively promote separate collection and recycling of garbage at school and in the village and also to increase greenery by planting more trees at vacant spaces in the village.

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