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Making a fence from used tire
Making a fence from used tire


Orkhon Aimag (Province) Primary school#6


After the school`s establishment in 2007, the students whose ages are ranging from 6-11 years old no longer need to walk for about an hour just to go to school. The playground is often taken for granted because of the absence of vegetation. 

To increase the vegetation cover of the school, OISCA began to introduce the concept of the Children`s Forest Program (CFP) in 2015. 

The students and the school teachers collected used tires to make a fence and dump soil mixed with compost in preparation for the tree planting area. It was the first for the students to be involved in planting flower and ornamental trees in the school. After the tree planting activities, it was followed by environmental conservation related workshop participated by the students. 

To ensure the survival of the planted seedlings, the students organized a Green Club. The members of the Club are also responsible in taking the initiative to promote environmental conservation in the school. 


Orkhon Aimag (Province) Primary school#6

CFP starting year 2015

Zest BAG, Orkhon aimag, Mongolia

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