Through eco-camp all schools connect together
Through eco-camp all schools connect together

The 2nd annual eco-camp event in Sumenep Regency, Madura Island was held in March 19th – 20th, 2016 at Dungkek Junior High School in the same regency.  It was attended by 173 students from 6 CFP schools and 4 non-CFP schools.  Students were accompanied by two teachers from every participating school. 
 The eco-camp was conducted to commemorate two important international events, which were the World Water Day and the International Day of Forests.  Thus, all activities were related to these themes so that students could learn and understand the relationship of water to trees.  Such examples of activities carried out were lectures on waste management, water as source of life, relationship of sea and mountain which were provided by the Environment Office and CFP national team.  Fakha, CFP Ambassador, also shared the experience and knowledge he learned during his trip to Japan.  Others were planting of 205 seedlings and station activity.  The aims were to instill in children the appreciation for water and its source, discipline in garbage management and love for tree planting.

As March 19th was also Earth Hour day, all lights went out that evening and it was a good opportunity to explain to the participants its purpose during the campfire. 
 Aside from the eco-camp, there was also the inauguration of the rainwater harvesting facility in the school.  Tanks were installed in the school for storing of water because during the dry season, there is water shortage that plants usually die.  Through this facility, seedlings planted for this program will continue to survive as there is water supply for the continued greening of the school.
 This event and all other CFP activities in Madura is made possible through the funding of National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization (NALAPO) of Japan.  Schools that are involved in this program and government offices for education, environment and forestry are very grateful for the assistance.

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