2016.04 CFP Mongolia-3


Amidrah uhaan surgalt uildverleliin tuv

(Life skill vocational training center)


The school was built in 1992 for orphans and street children. The school`s training programs include teaching the students to learn how to cook, process food, construction, agriculture and animal husbandry. The school also offers secondary education program. 

In 2014, OISCA introduced the concept of the Children`s Forest Program (CFP) wherein the students planted poplar and lilac tree seedlings within the school compound. After two years, the all planted seedlings are growing well. 


Other than planting tree seedlings, the students also planted vegetables in the school. The harvested vegetables were cooked and eaten by the students at lunch time. This year, OISCA Mongolia intends to continue teaching the students the importance of protecting the environment. 

Amidrah uhaan surgalt uildverleliin tuv 「Life skill vocational training center」

CFP starting year: 2014

Songino khairkhan district, Ulaanbaatar city

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