2017. June CFP Bangladesh 2

Carrying out activities in cooperation with government officials
Carrying out activities in cooperation with government officials


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   This school which joined the Children’s Forest Program (CFP) in 2016 carried out activities raising the slogan “Let one person plant a tree and take care of it throughout the year”. On July 13, 100 students and 11 adults together with representatives of the local NGO: RUSA (Rural & Urban Problem Solve Association) and government officials planted 100 seedlings of mahogany and other species. In the tree planting, the students and adults all got excited just like in a festival. 

Planted trees along school boundary
Planted trees along school boundary

The forest development which leads to the environmental conservation and which can enrich the school and the local community provides a good opportunity to think over the future FURUSATO. In order to continue this program, however, it is necessary to change more than now their awareness towards the environment of the whole region. Moreover, as there are problems of water shortage during the dry season and flood disaster during the rainy season, they have to pay due attention to caring the planted seedlings. There are still many more challenges, but they intend to tackle the development of better FURUSATO.


Batiaghata Head Quarter Girls High School

  • Starting Year of CFP:     2016       
  • Number of Students:     185
  • Location:                        Batiaghata, Khulna 

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