2017. June CFP Cambodia 1

Prior to tree planting, briefing by coordinators
Prior to tree planting, briefing by coordinators


Let’s protect the disappearing nature of FURUSATO



   The school is located 2 km away from the village and is surrounded by rice fields. The whole school is carrying out environmental protection activities, and the participating students are enthusiastically taking care of the seedlings planted. Thanks to the daily efforts of the children, the 110 seedlings planted in 2016 are growing well. They planted such trees as Afzelia Xylocarpa, Cassia Fistula and teak. Afzelia Xylocarpa is almost gone because of deforestation. Through planting these local tree species, the children are recognizing the original richness of nature. 

Planting a seedling hoping that it will grow big
Planting a seedling hoping that it will grow big

The children are very interested in tree planting skills and knowledge such as seeds collection and methods of planting and taking care of seedlings. Mr. San Sothy, a school teacher, commented that CFP is a very good program which can involve students in environmental conservation activities, and expressed the hope that it would be spread to other regions in the future. 

NOREA Secondary School

  • Starting Year of CFP:     2016      
  • Number of Students:     320
  • Location:                        Takok Village, Norea Commune, Ekphnom district, Battambang 

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